Tutorial: Introduction to Big Data

Side Track EDF2013, Day 1 09.04.2013, 11.30am to 12.30pm

The tutorial on Big Data will cover the current state of the Big Data area of research and applications. The emphasis will be on the research aspects of the Big-Data presenting the characteristic algorithms running under the hood of the Big Data systems. The key contribution will be the systematic overview of the key building blocks which make Big Data different from the traditional data mining, and semantic web algorithms.

In the last part of the tutorial we will present several working systems explaining the architecture and design decisions.

Chair / Speaker: Marko Grobelnik


Marko Grobelnik expertise is the areas of "data science" including Machine Learning, Data/Text Mining, Network Analysis, Semantic Technologies, and Data Visualization.  He works at “Jozef Stefan Institute”, the national research institute for natural sciences in Slovenia co-managing a group of approx. 30 researchers. Marko co-authored several books, co-founded five start-ups, is W3C AC representative and member of the boards for ELRA and STI. Currently he coordinates FP7 project X-LIKE on large scale formal knowledge extraction from text.

Further Information: http://ailab.ijs.si/marko_grobelnik/

Big Data Tutorial 2012: http://videolectures.net/eswc2012_grobelnik_big_data/