Impressions of Day 2 of EDF2013

The 2nd day of the European Data Forum 2013 in Dublin, Ireland started with a very interesting keynote talk by Knut Sebastian Tungland (Chief Engineer IT at Statoil) giving insights about the challenges that Statoil are facing when working at the bottom of the sea and how the understanding of the available data can help to work more efficiently and how to avoid accidents for humans as well as for the nature.

Final information and preparation for EDF2013

The European Data Forum 2013 in Dublin will start in about 24 hours from now, thereby the final preparations are taking place and participants are starting their travel from all over Europe to the capital of Ireland to discuss the challenges, potentials and solutions for big data and data management the coming 2 days at the Croke Park conference centre in Dublin!

EDF2013 Keynote: Ingo Brenckmann of SAP about the 'Need for Speed on Big Data'

Ingo Brenckmann is Senior Development Manager at SAP HANA Product & Strategy at SAP AG. His keynote at EDF2013 takes place on Day 1 (09.04. 2013), 16:15-16:45pm in the main track of the Data Forum. The talk explains the need for speed when it comes to big data.The talks examines the different meanings of speed, and how they impact business. It highlights the alternative approach taken with in-memory computing, and explains the empowerment originating from true speed on big data, based on real world examples.

EDF2013 announcement: The European Data Innovator Award

The European Data Innovator Award was established to recognize outstanding enterprises and individuals, who have shown exceptional vision and execution in the field of integrating and leveraging enterprise and/or open data for a broad range of commercial use cases. The European Data Innovator Award was made possible by eccenca GmbH, a AKSW Research Group spin-off from Leipzig, Germany.

EDF2013 Main Track will be streamed and recorded by videolectures.net powered by X-LIKE

The EDF2013 Organising Committee is happy to announce that the main track of the European data Forum 2013 (EDF2013) will be recorded as well as streamed live by videolectures.net, powered by the X-LIKE project!

EDF2013 Press Release out and Press Corner updated

The EDF2013 communication team is happy to announce that the 1st press release of the European Data Forum 2013 (EDF2013) is out now - for further information and downloads please visit our updated EDF2013 Press Area - where you can find press releases and -clippings, conference facts & most important EDF2013 links as well as the entry points to all social media channels for EDF2013 and a lot more of relevant EDF2013 information and material.

European Data Forum 2013 - Call for Contribution

The European Data Forum (EDF) is a regularly scheduled (yearly) meeting place for industry, research, policy makers, and community initiatives to discuss the challenges and opportunities of (Big) Data in Europe. These aspects have both a technical (in terms of technology and infrastructure needed to master the volumes, heterogeneity, and dynamicity of Big Data), and a socio-economic component (speaking about emerging types of products and services and their commercialization, innovation and business models, but also policies and regulations).

SAVE THE DATE: European Data Forum 2013: 09 - 10 April 2013, Dublin - Ireland

The European Data Forum 2013 Team (EDF2013 Team) is happy to announce the following 'Save the Date' message:
The date & place for the next European Data Forum 2013 is fixed now - so please:

Save the date NOW!
09 - 10 April 2012
Dublin Ireland
Website: http://2013.data-forum.eu/

More information will be available soon on the EDF2013 website!

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