Søren Roug

European Environment Agency

Søren Roug has been employed by EEA for 14 years and has worked on Reportnet from the beginning. He is now the head of the software development group with overall responsibility for integration of the subsystems.

Talk Title: 
Linked Data case study: Reportnet
Talk Abstract: 

The European Environment Agency receives statistics about the environment from the member countries and has built a reporting system called Reportnet to handle the deliveries. The presentation will show how EEA is integrating XML technologies with Linked Data for quality assessment, merging and use of the data. We’re using XQuery to report on QA issues. The XQuery scripts make SPARQL queries to check codes against reference data and previous deliveries. Then the data is transformed from XML to RDF with XSL-T and imported into a triple store. We use SPARQL to run another type of QA and to infer links to other deliveries. Finally, some visualisations of the data will be shown.

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