Robin Johnson

Couchbase Inc, Technical Advocat

Over the last few years Robin Johnson has been involved in some of the Leading Social Gaming and Betting applications to grace the world wide web. After bootstrapping an Award Winning Social Gaming startup, Robin is a seasoned Distributed System and NoSQL advocate. A polyglot Rubyist and Pythoner all in one, taking on roles from Frontend Developer to Software Engineer and Data Architect.

Talk Title: 
Big Data Ad-Targeting applications with NoSQL and Hadoop
Talk Abstract: 

We ask much more of our data than ever before. Not only does it need to be available in milliseconds when requested, but we also want to be able to extract every last bit of intelligence from the data to make decisions, which make our application s more effective.
During  this  presentation  you  will  see  how  a  mix  of  Hadoop  and  a  NoSQL  engine,  such  as  Couchbase,  to  create  an  Ad Targeting  platform  to  analyze  billions  of  user related  events  and  millions  of  user  profiles,  and  deliver  the  correct  ad  in  a  handful  of  milliseconds.  Based  on  this  concrete  example  you  will  see  how  these  technologies  provide  you  with  all  of  the  tools  to  deal  with  new  types  of  applications  and  scale up  (in  terms  of  data  or  users). This  tutorial  is  beneficial  for  any  attendee;  as  they  will  learn  from  a  production  large scale  use  case:

  • The  challenges  of  new  applications  dealing  with  Big  Data  (especially  how  to  deliver  them  quickly)


  • The  differences  between  the  “Analytical”  part  of  the  system  (Hadoop)  and  the  “Operational”  part  (Couchbase)