Knut Sebastian Tungland

Statoil ASA, Chief Engineer IT

Used to be a programmer within geophysics, continued doing software consulting within oil companies. Working for Statoil for the last 15 years with responsibilities within IT and software architecture. Currently hold the position as Chief Engineer for IT, responsible for technology strategies and professional practices.

Talk Title: 
Statoil - we need to understand our data
Talk Abstract: 

Statoil is an international energy company. This talk will highlight some important business challenges and issues related to data utilization. Analysing seismic reflections is the main exploration tool for an oil company, this is largest data volume in the company. Environmental monitoring is essential for Statoil in order to achieve its target of zero harmful discharges, the sensor data needs to be collected, analysed and distributed. The size of computer security logs explodes, the need to understand and detect events related to security increases.