Josep-L., Larriba-Pey

DAMA-UPC, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, BarcelonaTech, Director

Josep-L. Larriba is the director of the DAMA-UPC research group since its creation in 1999. His main areas of interest are graph database technology and applications, benchmarking and data management in general. He is one of the founders of Sparsity Technologies, a spin out of UPC that commercializes and creates technologies around graph databases. He has been involved in different national and international projects with companies like IBM and CA Technologies, and he is now coordinating the FP7-ICT project LDBC.

Talk Title: 
The Linked Data Benchmark Council, benchmarking RDF and Graph technologies
Talk Abstract: 

In this brief talk we will present the EC funded project “Linked Data Benchmark Council” (LDBC, The goals of the project are to create the first comprehensive suite of open, fair and vendor-neutral benchmarks for RDF/graph databases together with the LDBC foundation which will de fine processes for obtaining, auditing and publishing results. The project will carry a significant amount of work in the methodology of benchmark creation, the decision and evolution of the workloads which include the use case selection, creation of queries and generation of data.

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