João R. Frade

PwC Technology Consulting, Senior Manager

João R. Frade is a Senior Manager with PwC Technology Consulting practice focusing on the delivery of consultancy services to the European Institutions. João assisted numerous organisations, in several sectors, as a business and technology Enterprise Architect. He has extensive experience in project managing complex assignments and on evaluating, selecting and design ing ICT based solutions which enable organisations, from the private or public sector, to deliver their value proposition. João is involved in the Semantic Interoperability action of the ISA Programme of the European Commission since 2007.

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Talk Title: 
Business models for Linked Government Data?
Talk Abstract: 

Linked data provides a new perspective on how data from open and closed sources can be integrated. Despite often used in the context of open data, not all linked data is open and of course not all open data has to be linked.

Different business models for linked data have been proposed so far, including subscription-based access, loss-leader models, data markets, and business models based on data mash-ups, data analytics, product and service recommendation, and geospatial data representation.    

Reporting on a study currently conducted by PwC for Action 1.1 on semantic interoperability of the ISA Programme of the European Commission, this presentation will discuss drivers, requirements and challenges for possible business models for linked (open) data focusing on government data. We will talk about cost drivers and pricing of linked data and its benefits compared with un-linked data. We will pinpoint potential end-users and pitch the role of the developer community, featuring also to selected case studies from around the world.

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