František Nonnemann

Office for Personal Data Protection, Director of Analytics and Public Sector Data Processing Department

František Nonnemann, Office for Personal Data Protection of the Czech Republic, Director of Analytics and Public Sector Data Processing Department.

Born 1981, has been working for the Office since 2006. Among other topics, he is dealing with legal relations between freedom of information and re-use of public sector information and personal data protection. He has published several professional articles in the Czech legal journals and made several speeches about this topic, in the Czech Republic mainly for public servants and abroad as TAIEX expert in the Republic of Macedonia in October 2012.

Further Information:

Talk Title: 
Re-use of public sector information and personal data protection
Talk Abstract: 

Among the information collected, stored, disseminated and otherwise processed by the public sector which also can be re-used within the meaning of the PSI Directive, there is plenty of data that in the sense of the Data Protection Directive can be regarded as personal. The data protection principles may sometimes constitute barriers for the re-use of this type of information. My presentation will deal with the relations between the re-use of PSI and the data protection on EU level and with the Czech legislative which establishes specific, and hopefully inspirational, legal regime for processing of lawfully published personal data covering the legal base for their processing as well as the information and notification obligation of processor of those data etc.