Daragh O Brien

Castlebridge Associates, Managing Director

Daragh O Brien is Managing Director at Castlebridge Associates, a company which provides training, training, consulting, project management, and coaching/mentoring services for organisations on Information Asset Management. He was the first person in Ireland to achieve professional accreditation in the ICQP certification from the International Association for Information & Data Quality.

He is a Certified Data Protection Professional and a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society.
He has worked with a range of organisations in the telecommunications, financial services, insurance, local government, education, and central government, in Ireland and overseas, to help them define and execute effective Information Management strategies encompassing Information Quality, Information Governance, and Data Protection.

He is an advisor to the IDMA, a Global Privacy Advocate for DAMA International, a former Director for the IAIDQ, and is an active contributor to the Innovation Value Institute’s IT-CMF. Daragh has lectured in DCU and the Law Society of Ireland. He has also advised a number of academic research projects on aspects of Information Quality, Information Governance and Data Protection.

He is the author of two books (Defining and Executing an Effective Data Quality Strategy and the Data Strategy and Governance Toolkit) and has recently started work on a third, due for publication later this year. He has also contributed book chapters and papers to a number of other publications. He is a regular speaker at conferences in the EU and US.

For 12 years Daragh worked in the Telecommunications industry leading Single View of Customer strategy and execution programmes, and latterly leading Regulatory Assurance functions. His clients now range from Financial Services, Telecommunications, Education services, Not-for-Profits, and SME startups, in Ireland and elsewhere.

Talk Title: 
The Story of Maturity – How data in Business needs to pass the ‘So What’ tests
Talk Abstract: 

Organisations struggle to manage the data they currently have effectively to ensure they are asking and answering the right questions. Simply getting more data does not always solve the problems of what questions the organisation needs to ask and what information is needed to ensure a focus on the correct answers. Daragh O Brien shares an experience from managing telecommunications regulation governance projects and links to the opportunity and risks of Big Data, Linked Data, and Open Data in a discussion that looks at what the “So What” questions are that organisations need to have answered like “So what does that mean?”, “So, what are the compliance risks?”, “So what is our Governance approach?”, and “So, what is the way we can make or save money?”. The presentation includes a discussion of “Value Delivery” concepts and how they  could be a powerful tool for academics trying to bridge the “So What” divide.

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