Christian Villum

Open Knowledge Foundation, Community Manager, Open Government Data

Christian is the Open Knowledge Foundation community manager for Open Government Data – and is also part of the community coordination team for the global network of Local Groups. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has a background in media and culture entrepreneurship, co-working facilitation, community creation, hacktivism – and is a dedicated open-everything advocate.

Talk Title: 
A one-stop shop for Open Government Data: improved with social features and more linked data sets
Talk Abstract: aggregates an increasing number of data catalogues from throughout the European Union. As part of the LOD2 project, the Open Knowledge Foundation is working with representatives of local, regional and national open data catalogues to have their datasets represented in this single portal. This presentation will showcase many recent improvements on, such as personalisation features, allowing you to ‘follow’ particular datasets, groups, and users. The number of linked data sets has also significantly been increased, by adding the ability to convert CSV to RDF datasets and allow users to specify the mappings to the right ontologies.

Slideshare Presentation: