Bríd Dooley

RTÉ Ireland's National Public Service Broadcaster, Head of Archives

Bríd Dooley - Head of RTÉ Archives, Ireland's National Public Service Broadcasting Archives; largest Audiovisual Archives in Ireland & Member of Executive and former General Secretary of The International Federation of Television Archives FIAT/IFTA.
A media professional with over 20 years in the broadcasting industry, Bríd is a passionate advocate for audiovisual archives.
She joined the RTÉ Digital division in 2012 as head of the newly integrated RTÉ Archives Department and launched the new RTÉ Archives website in July 2012   A key part of her remit within the new digital enterprise is to develop and open up  the archives of RTÉ, extending  their reach to new audiences across new digital platforms and services and working with new partners  across a range of sectors. She leads a multi-disciplinary team across the moving image, sound, photographic & document archives with responsibility for the day to day acquisition, preservation, management, documentation and media archiving services. The department is a significant contributor and support to the day to day business of broadcasting as well as a growing content provider and expert curator of archives across all services on RTÉ digital platforms.
Bríd first joined RTÉ as Archive Project leader for Television in 2000 and initiated the development of a new professional cataloguing and documentation process for the archives in tandem with a conservation and preservation programme for the Film and Television holdings.  As head of the Television Archives since 2003, she further developed the archive services, and has extensive experience and expertise across all aspects of audiovisual archives management, including rights, metadata, media management, collections development, preservation, digitisation, access & more recently, the development of the new document archives.  
She is an active member of an international network of audiovisual archive associations, FIAT/IFTA  and  FOCAL International  During her tenure as General Secretary of FIAT/IFTA, she co-ordinated the organisation's world conferences in Beijing (2009), Dublin (2010) and London (2012). She currently serves as an executive member of the governing council of FIAT/FITA.
Born and educated in County Galway, she holds a BA Hons in Media Studies from the University of Westminster. Prior to joining RTÉ, she worked extensively in UK Television Archives, including ITN, Channel 4 News and GMTV.
About RTÉ Archives
RTÉ Archives is the oldest, largest and most significant audiovisual archive in Ireland spanning the history of Public Service Broadcasting within its collections. With annual growth of circa 20,000 hours of  content, the archive currently  holds circa 320,000 hours of moving image, 120,000 hours of audio, 500,000 + selected photographs and tens of thousands of written documents.  It also holds significant acquired and privately donated moving image & photographic collections, from as far back as the early decades of the 20th Century in Ireland as well as a unique library of commercial sound recordings.  Collectively the RTÉ Archives comprises a unique and compelling record of Irish Life.

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Cross-archival content discovery in the digital landscape: an RTÉ , Digital Repository Ireland and the DERI Research Institute collaboration.
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The technology and user revolution in mobile, IPTV and social media has significant consequences for our economy, our culture and the way we live. While RTÉ is already a successful Irish market leader in online and mobile delivery, the exponential growth of digital media requires a radical shift in how RTÉ engages and collaborates with audiences.
Audiovisual content is a major challenge for Big Data solutions; while professional archives have consistently worked towards the development of standardised metadata within the closed business environment for different media, the exposure of this  data  outside of the business systems presents major challenges in the opening up these archives to the digital landsacpe.  The   data  is complex, not digital “ready” in non-standardised in format, without common or consistent metadata and ontologies  and subject to complex rights issues.  
RTÉ Digital is developing new ways to repurpose, repackage, discover, analyse and exploit archival content to meet business needs and the ever changing expectations of RTÉ’s audience, and is embarking on a major project in collaboration with the Digital Repository of Ireland and the DERI Research Institute to develop a cross-archival content discovery platform for the semi-automated delivery of curated exhibitions.

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