Bernadette Hyland

Co-chair W3C Government Linked Data WG

Ms. Hyland is CEO of 3 Round Stones, a Linked Data company based Washington,D.C., and co-chair of the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group. Bernadette is an advocate of open data and Web standards for better knowledge sharing. She has been a founder of several successful startup companies and actively supported Open Source projects related to RDF and Linked Data, including the Mulgara Semantic Store, Persistent URLs and the Callimachus Project. She is an editor of the W3C Best Practices for Government Linked Data and author of peer reviewed chapters on Linked Data.
Linking Government Data (chapter author, Springer, 2011)
Linked Enterprise Data (chapter author, Springer 2010)

Talk Title: 
Delivering on Standards for Government Linked Data - A W3C Working Group Report
Talk Abstract: 

Three years ago, several pioneering members of the data transparency effort looked to the Web’s standards organization, the W3C, to help charter a working group to provide standards and other information to help governments around the world publish their data as effective and usable Linked Data. The
Government Linked Data working group, a part of the eGovernment Activity and closely connected with the Semantic Web Activity, has collected and is making available information about government Linked Data activities around the world. It has used that information and the experience of its participants to develop W3C  Recommendations for Best Practices and for RDF Vocabularies necessary for publication of government data as Linked Data.
The W3C Government Linked Data working group is comprised of over 60 group participants, of which more than 20 are active members who meet weekly and are predominantly from Europe. A third of the members are from commercial firms, a third from research / academic institutions and the balance from federal, central government and non-profit organizations (see: Collectively, the members are involved in government open data projects publishing content of global relevance.
This presentation will highlight the progress of this working group as the charter draws to a close in May 2013. We’ll describe:

  1. The progress of the W3C Government Linked Data working group to date;
  2. Highlight the Community Directory, Best Practices and Standard Vocabularies; and
  3. Describe first steps that government authorities can take to start publishing 4 and 5star linked data to the Web of Data.